Study groups

Small groups are a vital part of church life, for in small groups, relationships are formed to help us in following God and reaching out to others. Most people who are in a small group stay more faithful to God, have closer Christian friendships, and are better at sharing their faith with others.

Our small groups take different forms and formats, but most involve some type of meal or fellowship time, Bible study, prayer, and outreach or service. Some groups emphasize one aspect more than others. Most of these groups meet weekly on Sunday afternoon, but others meet on Wednesday night or at other times. Some groups have a geographic grouping, some are more age-group specific, and some have a mix of ages and are “intergenerational.”

Additionally, some of our ministries have a type of small group dynamic with a particular focus, such as fellowship groups, ladies’ Bible study, or service types of groups (e.g., clothes closet), and these types of groups can be found in those ministry areas on the website. We are adding an online study group via our chat room for our members.

If you are interested in participating in a small group contact us at (914) 761-6363 or contact one of the small group leaders below.

Richard Boyd –

Arthur Davidson –

Barry Coleman –

In the meantime here is an online bible for your reading if the spirit moves you to do so:

Open Bible Here        Open Commentaries Here